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Outdoor shutters? Surely they’re the same think as plantation shutters, right? Well, they’re actually quite different. But if you didn’t know this, don’t you’re not alone. It’s not unheard of for customers to contact us to buy outdoor shutters, or indeed to not know the difference. Well, we will tell you what we tell them: we don’t sell outside shutters, but interior shutters have a big advantage. How so? And what is the difference anyway? Both good questions. So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Indoor shutters have more options

Unlike outdoor shutters, our plantation shutters come in a variety of styles. So, no matter your needs, you’ll find a shutter to take your window from “drab-ulous” to Fabulous!

Full height shutters work in virtually any space but look especially good on small and medium sized windows. Café style shutters, on the other hand, cover the bottom section of your window only, allowing for the privacy of shutters while still inviting plenty of light into the home.

For the best of both worlds, tier-on-tier shutters are a wonderfully diverse choice. Stylish and practical in equal measure, these beauties give you separate panel control on the top and bottom sections. So, you can open the top section and leave the bottom closed. This gives you the same functionality as café style or full height, depending on which panels you open.

Do you have an unusual window that you’re struggling to dress? No problem. Our expert Shutter Specialists can work with any and all shapes. Square, triangle, circle or whatever else, we’ll add wow to your window with a special shaped shutter.

Outdoor shutters are mostly aesthetic

While they do have some practical applications, outdoor shutters are mainly there to increase kerb appeal. While outside shutters were used for security reasons in the past, these days they are purely decorative 90% of the time.

Conversely, the benefits of shutters on the inside are plenty. Sure, they bring an elegance and beauty to any space, but there’s so much more to them than meets the eye. Interior shutters are installed as a semi-permanent fixture, meaning they will be there for years to come. So, should it come time to sell, they will actually bump up the asking price of your home. They’re also great for insulation and keeping out drafts. This means you’ll save money on your energy bills. Plus, they’re excellent for soundproofing. So, what’s not to love?

Outside shutters are higher maintenance

Outdoor shutters are constantly exposed to the elements. In their lifetime they will experience hot, cold, humidity, aridity, sunlight, snow, rain, hail, and whatever else mother earth can throw at them. As such, the utmost care and attention must go into them. Conversely, indoor shutters are very low maintenance, requiring the occasional dust or wipe with a damp cloth. And that’s it! Plus, they’ll last for years to come. And with our 5-year warranty on every order, you’ll have added peace of mind.

Still Have Questions?

Hopefully we’ve covered everything, but if you still have queries, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to or give us a call on 0800 907 0800.

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In 2022, we all understand the importance of doing our bit for the environment. But being eco-friendly isn’t the only concern on everyone’s mind. The UK – and indeed the rest of the world – is experiencing a cost-of-living and energy crisis. Not only does this put a pinch on the purse strings, but it also greatens the need for efficient and money-saving changes to the home. After all, as bills get more expensive, it’s important to practice using less energy. Well, we thought we’d write a quick blog to help you make some eco-friendly improvements that will help you cut down on waste and save you money on your bills. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Full height living room shutters

1 – Upcycle old furniture

It’s understandable that you might want to throw out that old dresser or coffee table. It’s drab and shabby, but not in a chic way, and it’s seriously bringing down the vibe in your lovely home. You’re sick of looking at it and want to trade it in for a newer model.  But this costs money, and resources. Upcycling can be a fantastic way to breathe new life into furniture that has seen better days. It’s also a very rewarding experience that has the added bonus of doing a little bit for the environment. With just a bit of sanding, varnishing, or painting, you can say goodbye to your old dreary furniture and hello to your newest conversation starter.

2 – Draft Excluders

A lot of heat is lost via pesky drafts. So, what to do? Well, there is a certain window dressing which works wonders – wink, wink. But more on than in a minute. Another option is a few strategically placed draft excluders. These are best positioned around entry points such as doors, windows, and fireplaces – anywhere that a draft is going to creep in. Not only are they a cheap and efficient home improvement, but they come in lots of cute designs too!

Conservatory roof fitted with plantation shutters

3- Double or Triple Glazed Windows

Most of a home’s heat is lost via the windows. As such, using less energy means more efficient windows. If you live in an older home or period property, it’s likely that the windows are single glazed. If this is the case, adding another layer of glazing will make a massive impact to warmth in the winter. And while double glazing your windows will cost a bit, in the medium and long term, you will save 100s, if not 1000s, on your energy bills.

4 – Solar Panels

Besides powering your home with clean and renewable energy, solar panels offer a fantastic return on investment too. While savings vary from house to house and depending on your own individual usage, any surplus is transferred back to the national grid, and you’ll receive a nice bonus for your troubles. Once installed, solar panels require very little maintenance too. There are also a few government incentives and grants worth researching.

Beautiful bay windows with tier on tier shutters

5 – Get Some Eco Shutters

Did you know that plantation shutters can save you money on your energy bills? It’s true! Shutters are made-to-measure and always fitted flush to the window. This keeps out irksome drafts, preventing the kind of heat loss that normally happens with windows. So, by installing some eco-shutters, you’ll find that the heating is on less, which in turn saves you money on your energy bills. Plus, our shutters are made from sustainably sourced hardwood, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your shutters are having minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, shutters are incredibly long lasting with the potential to be a fixture in your home for decades.

If you’re interested in getting eco shutters for your home, get in touch today. Call us on 0800 970 0800, send an email to, or request a free on-site appointment via our website today.

Ah, the age-old question: Should I opt for shutters or curtains? Ok, maybe not age old, but it’s one that we’ve heard many times. Yes, we often get asked about the benefits of shutters compared to curtains, and it’s a fair question. After all, window dressings are an investment. As with any investment, it’s important to know your money is being well spent. So, we decided to help you make an informed choice by writing this blog. And, lo and behold, it seems shutters come out on top! Still not convinced? Well, keep reading…

Don’t Wait, Insulate

Unlike curtains, which hang loose in front of your window, plantation shutters are fitted flush to your window. Besides looking fantastic, this also makes them great for home insulation. So, when things start to get a bit chillier, you’ll be thanking your shutters for keeping out those irritating drafts. But what about the summer months? A set of shutters will reflect the sun’s rays, helping cool down your room when the mercury starts to rise. This keeps you comfortable and helps you save on energy bills, too. Oh, and shutters can even help with seasonal allergies and soundproofing.

Light and Privacy Management

With curtains, you can have them opened, or you can have them closed. Sure, you can open them a little, or a lot. But that’s it. Conversely, shutters are incredibly versatile and come in a variety of styles. Full Height allows you to cover your entire window, whereas Café Style shutters can cover as much of the window as you like. With Tier-On-Tier, you can have the best of both worlds, with the bottom and top sections hinging separately from one another. And with their moveable slats, you have the ultimate control of how much light you let into your home. This makes them ideal for privacy, too.

Add Value to Your Home

Did you know that the kerb appeal of shutters can drive up the asking price of your home? No? Well, it’s true. Because they are a semi-permanent fixture, they are attractive to prospective buyers. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, they also save buyers the headache of having to redress their new windows. Win, win!

Easy Maintenance

With a set of curtains, cleaning can be quite the chore. One option is to soak the curtains in cool water and detergent. This requires taking the curtains down, soaking them, drying them, and potentially ironing them. You can also steam your shutters but, again, this takes time and effort. Exhausted yet? Us too. Yes, some can be thrown in the washing machine, but this depends on their fabric – and that is still a big-time consumer.

This is yet another area where shutters come out on top. Cleaning requires a quick wipe with some lukewarm, mildly soapy water and then a once over with a dry cloth. And that’s it! Furthermore, because shutters are much less prone to damp than curtains, they don’t require cleaning all that often. This saves you the hassle of cleaning and means you can enjoy them for years to come.

What About Price?

Sure, you can get some very cheap curtains. But that is exactly what they are, cheap – and they won’t last very long. As already mentioned, wooden window shutters are an investment with several benefits far exceeding those of curtains. They will save you money on energy bills, they last for years, and they can even increase house value. And by going with Shutterly Fabulous, you can be sure that you’re getting affordable shutters, not cheap. In fact, we promise that we will never be beaten on price.

If you still have questions about the merits of shutters vs curtains, our friendly team is on hand to help! Please call us for free on 0800 9700 800 or send an email to

When most people wonder about the possibilities of plantation shutters, it’s fair to say there aren’t a huge number of drawbacks that spring to mind. After all, their timeless look and feel, ability to regulate noise and light, the added privacy they provide, and their versatility all put them above common window-dressing solutions such as simple fabric curtains and plastic blinds in most people’s eyes.

Nautical themed living room with shutters

So, for those who are deliberating over their interior design choices – or for those looking to install plantation shutters for the first time – think about this: when writing down the pros and cons of installing plantation shutters, what goes into the latter column? Well, for some people, it’s the price. After all, with our range of shutters being constructed from sustainable hardwood, coming in a variety of styles, finishes and colours, and being available made-to-measure to fit any window no matter the size, they must be expensive to buy and install, right?

Wrong. Or, at least, the truth is less cut-and-dry than that, and the cost of plantation shutters may well leave you pleasantly surprised. While, yes, plantation shutters may cost more to install than cheaper blinds or curtains, the cost benefits mean that affordable shutters are a reality, not just a dream.

Firstly, they’re built to last. And we don’t just mean years, we mean decades – with the correct love and attention. Being built from beautiful, natural hardwood means our shutters don’t warp over time. You might have owned four sets of curtains, in which time you could have just had one set of timeless, affordable plantation shutters.

White Bedroom window shutters with a desk, laptop and office chair

Secondly, as well as helping to regulate sunlight and noise and providing privacy, plantation shutters also help regulate heat, too. Closing them in the summer months helps block sunlight that could make your home too hot, but in the colder times of year, closing them helps add an extra layer of insulation and keeps heat trapped in. That, in turn, could help you save a few pounds on your energy bills each month, and over the course of a plantation shutter’s lifetime, that could add up to a large sum.

In both cases, it’s less about the up-front cost and more about the cost benefits over time. That’s why so many homeowners see plantation shutters not just as a design feature or a window-dressing solution, but as an affordable investment.

If you have any questions about shutters, our friendly team is on hand to help! Please call us for free on 0800 9700 800 or send an email to

half window shutters in blue

If you know the history of plantation shutters, it won’t come as a surprise to you that since its invention centuries ago, interior colonial shutters have been a staple of design across many eras. Something about their timeless look and feel has kept designers and homeowners coming back for more and continuing to make use of their range of benefits.

What is the Colonial style?

Well, as its name suggests, it comes from English and European settlers who colonised countries and created buildings with a distinctive style which we all know today as colonial.

A classic example of colonial design can be found in houses on sugar and cotton plantations that gave plantation shutters their name. Large, expansive porches, high ceilings, white painted surfaces, and shutters, all provided respite from the sun in houses. Controlling light, heat and noise, colonial shutters’ interior use serves the same purpose in properties today.

This era, of course, was centuries ago, but its influence lives on and shutters have remained a pillar in interior design across generations. A timeless choice that has not become tired, colonial shutters are striking and will fit neatly into pretty much any aesthetic you can think of. If you’re taking cues from colonial design through colour schemes and vintage furnishings, plantation shutters are a natural choice to seamlessly blend existing elements. Even if your space has a farmhouse chic aesthetic or a contemporary Nordic feel, plantation shutters will still lend your space a bit of that colonial look that remains as elegant as it did centuries ago.

If you have any questions about shutters, our friendly team is on hand to help! Please call us for free on 0800 9700 800 or email

Wondering how you can mix things up in the new year? Let’s take a dive into some of the top upcoming interior design trends for 2022…

What is Biophilic interior design? 

Considering we’ve all spent more time indoors, it’s unsurprising that we’re seeing an increase in people restoring their relationship with nature. The Biophilia design trend is both gorgeous and invigorating, marrying architecture and interior design with unruined nature. Not just a gimmicky fad, but a need to connect with the outside world during a period of staying home, flora is being warmly welcomed into the home as an uplifting trend.

Best complemented by natural design elements and wooden furniture, incorporating lush plants into interiors gives the home a raw, organic feel. After spending more time than ever inside, the significance of fresh, airy interiors is monumental.

wooden shutters in a living space

How do shutters work with the Biophilic interior trend?

 The use of hardwood shutters and natural colours are a great way to feel close to the environment. Hand in hand with the biophilia trend, green is popping up everywhere in interior design: be it sage, bold emerald green, or natural mossy shades. Soothing as these wild greens are, style is also at the forefront.

Earthy shades have likewise made their mark, with browns and off-whites not only being versatile colours to decorate with, but screaming ‘chic’, and transforming homes into a contemporary and calming paradise. From cool stone to warming terracotta, natural shades are a staple! You can reflect this modern, revitalising trend into your home with a near unlimited choice of custom colours for your shutters here at Shutterly Fabulous

Hardwood finishes have always been the way to go for a lot of people, but with this growing appreciation for natural materials, fabrics, and colours, there has been rising demand for wooden furniture and decor. With quality design being just as important as aesthetics, resilient materials are putting their stamp on things. Easy to incorporate into a variety of design styles, as well as being a practical window solution, see more about how dazzling our wooden shutters look in the home here.

pale blue shutters in a window

Ethical Business Practice 

Building further on the Biophilia trend, recent years have seen a rising emphasis on the importance of sustainability, and this is only going to be flourishing further in 2022. With an expanding awareness of ethical work practices and environmental impacts in the last year, 2022 is looking to change the way that businesses work and consumers buy. 

While this evolution of business ethos is an amazing step forward, this won’t just be a temporary trend. Businesses becoming more open and conscientious about their values and sustainability is a huge win, giving more control to customers when it comes to shopping. Interested? Read more about our ethical manufacturing processes.

Inspired to give your rooms a makeover? Explore our quality shutter range to see how you can upgrade your living space. Our friendly team of experts have lots of knowledge on matching different interiors with their perfect shutter pairing. They love hearing from potential customers on how they wish to incorporate shutters into their home and will happily help find the best choice for what you envisage, contact them today on 0800 9700 800.

Full height shutters are a perfect choice for Children’s bedrooms. With full window coverage, they provide complete privacy and maximum light reduction.

The addition of a mid-rail gives these full height shutters the ability to close the lower slats to ensure privacy while leaving the upper slats open to allow natural light to fill this room.

White shades can create a real sense of space in what can be the smallest of the rooms in your home, and the hidden rod in the above right shutters ensure a clean finish for these classic 64mm slatted, full height shutters.

Shutter Inspiration

Ready to explore further, why not get inspiration from the rest of our site?

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If you have any questions about full height shutters, or shutters for children’s bedrooms, our friendly team is on hand to help! Please call us for free on 0800 9700 800 or email Ready to take the next step? Book your free home survey today.

As a homeowner, you want to know that the investments you put in will not only make your home a more enjoyable place to live, but that they will add that all-important kerb appeal. Whether you’re looking to make some money from your property in the near future or many years from now, there are a few easy and affordable ways to add value to your house without making major structural upgrades. Inadequate kerb appeal could lead to you getting on average £57,000 less than the asking price, so it’s important to maximise it wherever possible.

Here, we’ll run you through our top five affordable ways to increase your home’s kerb appeal and add value to your house. Including our very own affordable shutters!

how to add value to your house

1. Upgrade your front door

One of the quickest and most impactful ways of adding kerb appeal is to ensure your front door is as stylish and inviting as possible. It’s the first thing prospective buyers, in fact all guests, will see and sets a precedent for the rest of the home. Surveys have shown that signs of wear such as dirt, mould and peeling paint can put buyers off before they’ve set foot inside.

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable fix, give that front door a deep clean to get it looking sparkling. You could give your wooden door a new lick of paint, or change the colour altogether (red, blue and yellow are particularly striking shades). A new door might be an option too, together with a heavy duty custom knocker to add a sense of authority and uniqueness. Or you could go one step further and revamp the entire door frame, adding stained glass above it. Ditch that uPVC door and get a bit of wood involved, your wallet will thank you for it in the long run!

Affordable Ways to Increase your Home’s Kerb Appeal
Image credit:

2. Book in a regular window clean

Gleaming windows tell the story of a home that has been cared for and looked after. Conversely, dirty windows do the opposite. It is easy and inexpensive to employ the services of a local window cleaner, who will pay regular visits to ensure your windows are kept looking as new as the day they were installed. Take a walk outside and notice how instantly the kerb appeal of your home is transformed, even if other elements are still to be addressed.

3. Freshen up those window frames

Window frames, especially wooden ones, can show signs of wear and tear that make a home’s exterior look tired and neglected. Ask your window cleaner to give the frames a bit of love too. Wooden window frames can suffer with problems associated with damp and rot, so replace any that are beyond repair. You could go for a new coat of paint, or even a new colour scheme altogether. You may have been drawn in by the allure of deep green or black window frames on certain houses, and they can certainly add a striking edge to the front of a property. Coordinate the colour with your front door for an even bigger impact.

affordable shutters

4. Create an inviting front garden

As many as 67% of homeowners feel that a neat and tidy front garden will add kerb appeal to their home. Buyers coming to look at your property will be pleased to see that there’s not much to be done from an aesthetic point of view, whilst it creates a sense of warmth and invitation for all visitors. Simply keeping shrubs trimmed, pathways weed-free and adding large potted plants will do wonders. Chequered pathway tiles look particularly stylish, whilst you can simply cover worn out areas with gravel or shingle for a rustic yet tidy look.

what adds value to your house
Image credit:

5. Have us install beautiful affordable shutters on your windows

By their very nature as semi-permanent fixtures, affordable shutters are one of the best ways to add value to a house. Not only can they help the asking price, but they look incredible from the outside as well as inside. Our team of local shutter experts will measure your windows and provide you with sound advice on the best options for your windows, returning later to install your beautiful new shutters. We’ve been doing this for many years now, with thousands upon thousands of very happy homeowners, and there’s no window that we can’t make look fabulous.

If you’d like to get your home’s kerb appeal singing and dancing, then book a free appointment with one of our local shutter experts.

best way to add value to a house

For many homeowners, light control is a top priority when choosing a window covering. Shutters are a great option that offers a near-blackout effect that will allow the home to feel like a true refuge from the outside world.

What options are there for blackout plantation shutters and what style is best suited?

The opaque nature of solid shutters means that they lend themselves to being great options when exploring how to best darken a room. Covering the entire expanse of the window when closed, solid shutters will prevent the majority of light from entering the space.

If you are looking for shutters to darken a room, Full height shutters are also a great solution. Our louvred shutter slats overlap to ensure most light is successfully blocked out.

black out window shutters

What are the benefits of blackout shutters?

Blackout window treatments can contribute to a more restful environment at home. Our window treatments provide privacy and darkness when the shutters and slats are closed.

Which rooms are blackout shutters best suited to?

Blackout interior shutters are best installed in light-sensitive rooms such as the bedroom or kids’ rooms. Bedroom shutters will allow any early morning sunlight or streetlights to be significantly reduced to allow for a restful night’s sleep without any disruptions.

shutters to darken a room

Does the colour of shutter make a difference?

While our made-to-measure shutters will block out most light from the outside, opting for a darker shade when selecting shutters will enhance the darkening effect within the room once the shutters are closed. Our colour matching service allows for a paint choice which blends nicely into your interior, no matter the style.

Can blackout window shutters be an option for all windows no matter the size?

Absolutely. All of our shutters are custom made, so it doesn’t matter how tricky the size or shape of the window is, we can create a design which will fit to it seamlessly.

Get a quick quote and book your free no-obligation appointment here, or contact us to find out how blackout shutters can make your home fabulous.

Plantation shutters are a luxurious window solution that can seem out of budget for many homeowners. However, shutters don’t have to be an expensive investment. Here at Shutterly Fabulous we have affordable plantation shutters available to ensure that everyone can experience the great benefits of these practical yet stylish window dressings in their homes.

If you’re wondering how to make plantation shutters more affordable, we have provided below some informative advice.

Are shutters more expensive than made-to-measure blinds and curtains?

Shutters are thought to be a significant investment, but the installation of shutters is no more expensive than buying quality, made-to-measure blinds and curtains.

How can I find affordable shutters that will meet my budget?


The style of shutters can also significantly impact the final price. Full height, solid and tier-on-tier shutters are typically more expensive than Café-Style shutters due to them covering the entire expanse of the window.

Special shapes

The shape of your window can also impact the price. When ordering your shutters be aware that shaped shutters and shutters on a track system come at a slightly higher price. You could consider getting café style shutters on your arched window, which would not incur any extra cost and still provide the style and finish that you’re looking for.


Lastly, to keep shutters on the affordable side, choose from our basic colour palette with no additional costs. Our custom colour matching service is available, but it does involve an extra charge.

I have a large window how can I make shutters more affordable?

We suggest that you take advantage of online discounts that are available throughout the year. It is the best way to get the window solution you want at a lower cost.

Does shipping increase cost?

If you require your shutters for a special period like Christmas or Easter, we suggest that you order with plenty of time to spare. The need for fast delivery can result in an increased final cost.

Luxury plantation shutters- an investment

Whether you opt for solid shutters, special shapes or express delivery, you can rest in the knowledge that our quality contemporary shutters are an investment.

Due to the thickness and quality of the materials used in our hardwood shutters, they will actually insulate your rooms and therefore save you money on your energy bills.  If that’s not enough, these beautiful window dressing are a semi-permanent fixture that will also add value to your home.

Our team are happy to help you find the perfect luxury shutters to match your budget, get in touch with them today and call the team on 0800 9700 800 to start the process!

We price beat all UK Shutter Companies including: Hillary's & Thomas Sanderson.