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As a homeowner, you want to know that the investments you put in will not only make your home a more enjoyable place to live, but that they will add that all-important kerb appeal. Whether you’re looking to make some money from your property in the near future or many years from now, there are a few easy and affordable ways to add value to your house without making major structural upgrades. Inadequate kerb appeal could lead to you getting on average £57,000 less than the asking price, so it’s important to maximise it wherever possible.

Here, we’ll run you through our top five affordable ways to increase your home’s kerb appeal and add value to your house. Including our very own affordable shutters!


how to add value to your house


1. Upgrade your front door

One of the quickest and most impactful ways of adding kerb appeal is to ensure your front door is as stylish and inviting as possible. It’s the first thing prospective buyers, in fact all guests, will see and sets a precedent for the rest of the home. Surveys have shown that signs of wear such as dirt, mould and peeling paint can put buyers off before they’ve set foot inside.

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable fix, give that front door a deep clean to get it looking sparkling. You could give your wooden door a new lick of paint, or change the colour altogether (red, blue and yellow are particularly striking shades). A new door might be an option too, together with a heavy duty custom knocker to add a sense of authority and uniqueness. Or you could go one step further and revamp the entire door frame, adding stained glass above it. Ditch that uPVC door and get a bit of wood involved, your wallet will thank you for it in the long run!


Affordable Ways to Increase your Home’s Kerb Appeal
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2. Book in a regular window clean

Gleaming windows tell the story of a home that has been cared for and looked after. Conversely, dirty windows do the opposite. It is easy and inexpensive to employ the services of a local window cleaner, who will pay regular visits to ensure your windows are kept looking as new as the day they were installed. Take a walk outside and notice how instantly the kerb appeal of your home is transformed, even if other elements are still to be addressed.


3. Freshen up those window frames

Window frames, especially wooden ones, can show signs of wear and tear that make a home’s exterior look tired and neglected. Ask your window cleaner to give the frames a bit of love too. Wooden window frames can suffer with problems associated with damp and rot, so replace any that are beyond repair. You could go for a new coat of paint, or even a new colour scheme altogether. You may have been drawn in by the allure of deep green or black window frames on certain houses, and they can certainly add a striking edge to the front of a property. Coordinate the colour with your front door for an even bigger impact.


affordable shutters


4. Create an inviting front garden

As many as 67% of homeowners feel that a neat and tidy front garden will add kerb appeal to their home. Buyers coming to look at your property will be pleased to see that there’s not much to be done from an aesthetic point of view, whilst it creates a sense of warmth and invitation for all visitors. Simply keeping shrubs trimmed, pathways weed-free and adding large potted plants will do wonders. Chequered pathway tiles look particularly stylish, whilst you can simply cover worn out areas with gravel or shingle for a rustic yet tidy look.


what adds value to your house
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5. Have us install beautiful affordable shutters on your windows

By their very nature as semi-permanent fixtures, affordable shutters are one of the best ways to add value to a house. Not only can they help the asking price, but they look incredible from the outside as well as inside. Our team of local shutter experts will measure your windows and provide you with sound advice on the best options for your windows, returning later to install your beautiful new shutters. We’ve been doing this for many years now, with thousands upon thousands of very happy homeowners, and there’s no window that we can’t make look fabulous.


If you’d like to get your home’s kerb appeal singing and dancing, then book a free, no obligation appointment with one of our local shutter experts right here.


best way to add value to a house

Plantation shutters are a luxurious window solution that can seem out of budget for many homeowners. However, shutters don’t have to be an expensive investment. Here at Shutterly Fabulous we have affordable plantation shutters available to ensure that everyone can experience the great benefits of these practical yet stylish window dressings in their homes.

If you’re wondering how to make plantation shutters more affordable, we have provided below some informative advice.



Are shutters more expensive than made-to-measure blinds and curtains?

Shutters are thought to be a significant investment, but the installation of shutters is no more expensive than buying quality, made-to-measure blinds and curtains.

How can I find affordable shutters that will meet my budget?


The style of shutters can also significantly impact the final price. Full height, solid and tier-on-tier shutters are typically more expensive than Café-Style shutters due to them covering the entire expanse of the window.

Special shapes

The shape of your window can also impact the price. When ordering your shutters be aware that shaped shutters and shutters on a track system come at a slightly higher price. You could consider getting café style shutters on your arched window, which would not incur any extra cost and still provide the style and finish that you’re looking for.


Lastly, to keep shutters on the affordable side, choose from our basic colour palette with no additional costs. Our custom colour matching service is available, but it does involve an extra charge.

I have a large window how can I make shutters more affordable?

We suggest that you take advantage of online discounts that are available throughout the year. It is the best way to get the window solution you want at a lower cost.

Does shipping increase cost?

If you require your shutters for a special period like Christmas or Easter, we suggest that you order with plenty of time to spare. The need for fast delivery can result in an increased final cost.

Luxury plantation shutters- an investment

Whether you opt for solid shutters, special shapes or express delivery, you can rest in the knowledge that our quality contemporary shutters are an investment.

Due to the thickness and quality of the materials used in our hardwood shutters, they will actually insulate your rooms and therefore save you money on your energy bills.  If that’s not enough, these beautiful window dressing are a semi-permanent fixture that will also add value to your home.


Our team are happy to help you find the perfect luxury shutters to match your budget, get in touch with them today and call the team on 0800 9700 800 to start the process!

Looking for ways to add a contemporary flair to your Victorian home? We’re here to help with some useful tips!

Victorian terraced houses are popularly sought after due to their beautiful period features, but these days, homeowners are exploring different ways to modernise the style of their home without impacting its unique character.

A timeless window covering, shutters will harmonise with any interior décor and will provide an eye-catching focal point that can be enjoyed both inside and out. With a range of styles available, there will be a shutter design to complement any room in the home. Whether you want to block out sunlight in your modern victorian bedroom with solid shutters or maintain privacy in the bathroom with café-style Polyvinyl shutters, there will be something to suit the architecture of your chosen space.

Contemporary Victorian house


Victorian terraced houses can tend to be quite tight and narrow, so using various different decorating techniques to create the illusion of more space is essential, especially in a modern victorian kitchen. Wall colour is an impactful part of a room, so choose a lighter shade to instantly open and transform the way light bounces around the home.

Mirrors are also a great way to make a stylish statement and build the impression of a larger space, go for a floor-length style to make the room feel taller, or have fun with it and create a mirror wall that will increase the perception of depth.


If you want to maximise on the light that flows into your home, shutters are a great option. Other window solutions can block natural light when trying to maintain privacy, but shutters will allow you to live freely in your home whilst allowing natural sunlight to stream in.

This contemporary Victorian house displays how Newcastle shutters can be installed onto bay and regular windows to bring in daylight and uplift the home.


Contemporary Victorian house


If you would like more information on how shutters would suit your contemporary Victorian house, or would like to book an in-home consultation with one of our shutter specialists, then you can request an appointment, or call us on 0800 970 0800.

Looking for the perfect way to transform your space? Getting your conservatory style right can be a tricky task, so we’re here to help.

As the warmer months roll in (finally!) our minds have turned to relaxing with a cold drink and that means sprucing up your favourite sunspot.

We will show you how to put your stamp on your room using different design ideas, with our Conservatory Shutters as the finishing touch to enjoy your idyllic space the whole year-round.


How to decorate your conservatory

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Conservatory style idea: add a pop of colour

The colour palette you choose will have a big influence on your space. Neutral tones are great for keeping your conservatory bright and spacious (think creamy whites and pastel tones to create a timeless look). However, adding a pop of colour can transform a room and add excitement.

A colourful sofa or chairs are a great way to make a statement, with jewel-toned velvets or vivid primary colours. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, a vibrant vase or throw cushion will do the trick. 

How to decorate your conservatory

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Conservatory style idea: Choose furniture to suit the feel of the room

Depending on what you want to use the space for, there are some excellent ways to make it your own. 

If you love to entertain, adding a bar or drinks cabinet along with a stylish dining table will score top points with friends. On a balmy summer evening, fold your Shutters for doors back to create an alfresco experience.

If your conservatory is more likely used for curling up with a good book and relaxing in the sun, rattan furniture or a comfy armchair are a great way to fill the space. Adding in a bookcase and a chic rug will make this the cosiest spot in the house. 


How to decorate your conservatory

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Conservatory style idea: Bring nature inside with indoor plants

Adding some indoor foliage is a fantastic way to liven up the room. An olive or citrus tree can be an attractive (and tasty) addition, whilst a Bougainvillea is a beautiful option for a climbing plant. 

But if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, a cactus or succulent is a low maintenance alternative to give your conservatory style.


How to decorate your conservatory

Photo credit: & Shutterly Fabulous

Conservatory style idea: Enhance the room with lighting

Finding the right lighting will change the atmosphere of your conservatory completely. A statement chandelier will add a touch of elegance and can be the main feature of an otherwise cleanly decorated room. 

Try dotting lanterns around the room to intensify the glow of a summer evening or candles to get that homely feeling in winter. 

How to decorate your conservatory


Conservatory style idea: Find the perfect window dressing

We believe the windows do all the talking in your conservatory, and the perfect window covering makes a world of difference.

Conservatory Shutters are the best choice to add style and sophistication whilst ticking all the boxes for practicality. 

Depending on the design you opt for, shutters can be the focal point of the room or the cherry on top of an expertly curated space. Whether you’re looking for modern conservatory ideas with cool white shutters or a more traditional feel with our authentic stained shutters, we’ve got you covered. Our shutters are bespoke and measured to the millimetre, meaning they’re unique to your space and the perfect solution for roof windows.Request a brochureHow to decorate your conservatoryAt Shutterly Fabulous, we believe you should enjoy your conservatory no matter the season, with shutters key to regulating the temperature. In the colder months, they act as an insulator to ensure your conservatory stays warm and snug. Then when summer rolls around, you can rotate the slats, either flooding the room with sunlight or keeping a cool glow.

Don’t worry about keeping up appearances as the UV protected coating will ensure the paint doesn’t fade. Although the bonus of giving that much-desired layer of privacy will mean you can forget you have neighbours entirely! With our tips on how to decorate your conservatory, you’ll have the perfect room to entertain or relax in. Find your colour palette, source the right furniture and add some complementary accessories for the perfect design. Finish up by adding plantation shutters to get the conservatory you’ve always dreamed of in no time. Read more about how conservatory shutters work in the summer here.Book an appointment

More and more people are now opting for shutters on sliding doors within their homes. Open plan extensions with doors that span the entire wall is an interior goal for a lot of homeowners – ourselves included! These vast and impressive doors do not lend themselves to blinds or curtains, which is where shutters for doors come in.

We’re here to tell you that there isn’t a door or window we can’t put shutters on, or one we can’t make look fabulous.


Shutters-on-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Full height solid shutters


Whether your doors open out to a patio, garden, balcony or another room – shutters are the perfect addition.

Sliding doors are usually made up of large panels of glass. This glass lets in light, heat and prying eyes! This is where shutters come in. Shutters on sliding doors offer complete privacy. The slats allow you full control over the light levels and the solid hardwood material keeps in the heat.

Shutters are so perfectly suited for sliding doors, we have 3 options available: Full height shutters, bi fold track shutters and bypass track shutters.Book an appointment

Sliding doors with shutters on a track

Shutters on sliding doors are an ideal match. Our made-to-measure shutters can be designed to hang on a track system, which means the shutters can bi-fold to the side(s) or they can bypass to the side(s). Our shutter specialists will create a bespoke design to best suit your sliding doors.

This track design offers a seamless transition in a wide variety of interior doors spaces and room dividers. Tracked shutters are perfectly suited for wide sliding doors and large windows where you don’t want a bottom frame piece.

Shutters-for-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bi-fold tracked shutters neatly stacked to the side.


Bi-folding shutters for sliding doors

These shutters are concertina-style, which means you can push them back to the side of your sliding door and have them neatly stacked in front of each other. This allows your open-door space to be free from obstructions with the freedom to fold the panels back over the open door, so you can benefit from cool air, extra shade and added level of control. This flexibility of design is ideal if you have young children or pets that you want to benefit from the outdoor conditions without them running in or out.

Our shutter experts can discuss with you what you need from your shutters and create a design that is best suited to your exact needs.

Shutters-for-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bi-fold shutters


Bypass shutters for sliding doors

These shutters are also on a track, but instead of folding, the panels slide in front and behind of each other. These are a great option if you always want an element of door coverage. If you have a single sliding door, then this design is perfect as it will fall in line with your current door design seamlessly.

Shutters-on-sliding-doors- Shutterly Fabulous

Bypass tracked shutters


Full height shutters for sliding doors

Our popular full-height shutters are also perfectly suited for your sliding doors. Like our shutters for windows, the panels would be held in a 3 or 4-sided frame.

The best thing about full height shutters for sliding doors is that they are crafted to fit your exact specifications and space, so can even fit unusual areas like doorway arches and gable windows.

Sliding-doors-with-shutters- Shutterly Fabulous

Full height shutters


Shutters for doors are available in all our quality hardwood ranges, across all our luxurious paints and are even available in each of our sumptuous stains.

Whether slatted, solid, bi-fold or bypass, we can guarantee we have the best shutters for your sliding doors. During our free design consultation, our shutter specialists will talk through all the options available. They will then measure your windows and create your bespoke design, while you continue to rest in the knowledge that your sliding doors are about to look thoroughly fabulous!

If you’re still in any doubt, visit our Instagram for inspiration and our many customer images.

Sliding-doors-with-shutters-Shutterly Fabulous

Bifold track shutters on a patio door


If you’d like to find out more about how shutters can be designed for your sliding door, click here to book a free home visit with one of our shutter specialists. They’ll talk you through styles, colours, materials and will provide you with a quote. They will then return a few months later to expertly install your beautiful new shutters.

Sit back, relax, and leave it to the experts.

Want to add a luxurious feel to your home but don’t have the high-end budget? Then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a plethora of tips and ideas to achieve affordable luxury in all areas of your home. We believe that the use of colour, statement pieces, and of course your favourite plantation shutters can really achieve this luxurious look.


The Midas touch

When we think of luxury and glamour, straight away we think of gold. A simple addition of the Midas touch to your interiors will add the opulence you are craving. Accessories in your favourite metal hue can do the trick. From candlesticks to plant pots, even a chic art deco drinks trolley. Here at Shutterly Fabulous, we would opt for an ornate gold mirror. This would not only add instant luxury to your interiors, but make your room feel more spacious too.

Achieve affordable luxury - Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: 

This can even be achieved on a budget, as gold pieces can be found in a range of high street stores and online interior shops. If you’re feeling creative, why not purchase some gold paint and update your current accessories. You could gild the legs on your coffee table or update a picture frame, with even your hooks and hangers receiving this embellishment.


Soft furnishings

Nothing says luxury like an abundance of soft furnishings. Layering cushions and throws can achieve a luscious yet affordable look.

In winter months, concentrate on rich fabrics and materials like wool, silk and velvet to really stand out. This has the added benefit of keeping you cosy on those long winter nights too. Texture is very important when designing your home decor. With soft furnishings you can add depth with fringing, cable knit and fur.

Achieve affordable luxury - Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: 


Go minimal

Luxury can also be achieved with simplicity. Why not go all white to achieve a subtle and delicate interior instead? Pair the rest of your interiors back and concentrate on a few key quality items for an affordable modern home decor.

White shutters from Shutterly Fabulous

To create that simplistic look, start off with our bestselling Bright White Shutters. We put the ‘affordable’ back into ‘affordable luxury’ because we can offer the lowest UK price for hardwood plantation shutters, matching any like-for-like quotation.


Lavish lighting

Now is the time to be brave with your lighting. Go big or go bold, we say!

Acgive affordable luxury - Shutterly Fabulous luxury furnishings - Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit:                                      Image credit:

Impressive floor lamps and elaborate lamp shades are very on trend right now. You can even incorporate all our affordable luxury home decor ideas with this rich, velvet floor lamp or make a statement with a structured, eye catching suspension lamp.


Rich colours

Luxiry shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

Azur, emerald, charcoal, burgundy and maroon; all of these colours instantly make you envisage a luxury interior. These sumptuous shades are best used on a large scale. This can be on your walls, furniture and even on your shutters. Did you know that Shutterly Fabulous can match to any Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and Dulux trade colour?

So whatever jewel tone you opt for, we can match it.


Bigger is better

Affordable luxury with Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit:

Grand, spacious rooms and towering ceilings are not just for those who reside in castles and palaces. With a few clever design concepts, you can expand your interiors to match the grandest in the land.

Painting the ceiling in a light and contrasting colour can draw your eye to give the idea of a taller room, as will the simple addition of a picture rail: a classic period feature. Another affordable option, and the oldest trick in the book, is the use of mirrors. A large mirror positioned well will create the illusion of added depth.


An artful addition

achieve a luxury look - Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit:     

Artwork and prints are becoming a more affordable home edition. Many shops are offering reasonable options to allow you to fill your rooms with carefully selected one-off pieces.

To match your rich colour palette, why not choose a jungle/tropical themed image, or keep it classic with black and white photography. The possibilities are endless with wall art, mix and match themes, frame colours and sizes. If you surround yourself with images you love, you can’t go wrong!


If you want to achieve an affordable home decor that oozes luxury, follow these steps:

Gild your accessories, layer your soft furnishings, don’t forget lighting, pick rich tones and go big with prints and mirrors.


Book your appointment today with one of our Shutter experts, so we can help you complete your luxurious look.

Have you ever wanted to totally transform your living space without having to consider planning permission for an extension, or deal with the inevitable disruption to your household that comes with the building work? Well, look no further because plantation shutters work wonderfully as room dividers. Often, we think of shutters in terms of covering a window, but plantation shutters are an affordable and durable way to make your living space work better for you and your family, allowing you to go about doing what you love most. Here are 9 creative ways to use shutters as room dividers:


1. Dividing a living room

If you’re looking to convert a large living space into a dining area and living room, then plantation shutters will create a stunning room divide. Choose between a variety of different style options, such as tracked shutters to achieve the optimal look and design. The shutter panels can always be folded back to the side, should you need to open up the room again, for large family gatherings or parties.

Room divider ideas - Shutterly Fabulous

2. Natural divider to a bathroom or ensuite

Adding that extra ensuite bathroom to a room can be a costly endeavour. Shutters are not only stylish but will save time and money. Closing your ensuite or bathroom off to the main room with a shutter helps create a less intrusive look (especially important for smaller rooms) and also ensures that full privacy is maintained and incoming light can still reach parts of the room that would otherwise be blocked by a solid door.


3. Balcony door shutters

Shutter doors are one of the most common uses of plantation shutters, as they form a very natural-looking divide to the outside. If you have a large balcony or some patio doors, shutters offer the perfect means to regulate incoming light without jeopardising your privacy. Shutters also have soundproofing qualities and act as a proven insulator.


4. Creating a play area for children

Make the most of your living space by creating a separate children’s play area. Use a natural dividing point in your living room to section off a children’s-only space. Open the louvers to allow you to monitor playtime whilst reclining in your favourite chair just on the other side. Again, the panels can be pulled back freely to regain your open-plan living space, should everyone want to join in with the fun and games.

Shutter room divider - Shutterly Fabulous

5. Kitchen Door

Shutters are a great addition to the threshold of any kitchen, perfectly closing off the space so you can prepare that surprise meal for your loved ones or enjoy some time to yourself. They will help to ventilate the kitchen and keep pungent smells from escaping and spreading through the rest of the house. Hardwood shutters are also hardwearing and easy to wipe down should they get grubby or oily.


6. Create a workspace/study area

If you work from home, create a workspace by dividing up an existing room with a plantation shutter room divider.  Be completely in the zone and separate recreational areas of your home from workspaces. If you have children studying for exams, but have limited space, plantation shutters are a really good way of closing off a built-in study area, creating a secluded and peaceful area that can be hidden away again.

Solid tracke shutters Shutterly Fabulous

7. Creating a utility space

No one wants to be constantly thinking about the laundry, and having your washing machine on display can make for a busy kitchen. Keep your utility area out of sight and out of mind the elegant way, with a beautiful, bespoke fitted room divider, so you can enjoy a more spacious kitchen.


8. A hatch between two rooms

When in use, a hatch between the kitchen and dining room can seem great for serving food, such as at breakfast time, but less than ideal when you’re cooking for guests and don’t want them to be distracted by clatter from the kitchen. Shutters not only look great but form a sound barrier and are easily folded back out of the way again.


9. Walk-in wardrobe

Why not finish off your built-in wardrobe with bespoke, sliding shutter doors. Furnishing a wardrobe with hardwood shutters infuses the space with coastal charm and holiday vibes throughout the year, leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed.


These are just some examples of how versatile plantation shutters can be. Call our shutter specialists, who are more than happy to discuss your design options during an on-site consultation, or book here.


Whether you live in a small or large property there is always the question of how to best use the space that you have.

Here we look at unique and elegant ways to utilise the space in a room by incorporating a bay window with seating. And a perfect way to enhance these is with plantation shutters.

Why opt for a bay window seat?

A bay window seat provides the perfect space to make use of the natural light that is exposed through the window area. Compared to ordinary flat windows, bay windows project outwards and because of this, more depth for a cushioned seating area is created.

Can I paint shutters? Shutterly Fabulous

In addition to the bay window’s depth, a wider angle is provided either side of the window that offers a better view. Having bay window shutters will also allow more space for seating in comparison to curtains that can crowd the seating area. Shutters give you better optimisation of light and privacy control – whether you’re opening your slats in the morning or blocking out the streetlights at night.

A bay window seat with shutters can produce the perfect arrangement of natural light, privacy and comfort.

How do I style a bay window seating area?

When thinking of the general style of your bay window seating area it’s firstly important to consider what the room in question is used for.

When considering lounges or living rooms, these are spaces best used to socialise, relax and entertain family and friends. It’s useful to incorporate the purpose of the room into the overall design and style of the seating zone.

To create a comfortable setting for rooms like these that are regularly used for socialising, you can incorporate a larger seating platform to allow room for more than one person. In addition, larger cushions can be added for a more comfortable seated area along with a larger coffee table to accompany it. For the larger bay window add a single seated sofa on either side to create a more social corner to the room. It’s good to talk!

Bedroom bay windows with seating

Bedrooms, being quieter rooms used for rest, relaxation and recuperation, are ideal places to create a seated area for lounging or reading. As a bay seating area is a great place for natural light, it creates the perfect reading space if you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in the bedroom.

How to create the perfect bay window with seating Shutterly Fabulous

Image credit: Bella Mancini Design

It’s also a perfect design opportunity to create a bay window seat with storage. For the avid reader, the storage around the seating area can be used as a small library. This can be done by adding open shelving units around the window or by simply building an open storage box under the seat to showcase a collection of books. This is a versatile idea that could even be used to showcase other personal items such as vinyl. You can have fun with your seated bay window storage area by recreating its look with your other bay windows and tempering them to suit each individual room.

What dressing works best for bay window seating areas?

When thinking about bay window seating areas the ideal environment would be comfortable and private. Choosing plantation shutters enhances the bay window by taking advantage of its depth, while still complementing the foundation of the window. They smarten the window’s look without appearing to reduce its dimensions like other dressings can do.

How to create the perfect bay window with seating Shutterly Fabulous

The choice of style of the shutter can depend on the amount of natural light that usually comes through the room. If you have a window that has a lot of natural light you may want to choose café style shutters that will provide privacy for the bottom half of the window and an open top that brings in natural light.

On the other hand, you could choose to go for full height shutters that provide full privacy at the window but still afford the opportunity for natural light to enter the room.


If you’re thinking of enhancing the space in your home with some classic, timeless shutters, then speak to one of our experts on 0800 970 0800




How to achieve the perfect yellow and grey living room design

Despite being one of the most uplifting colours for a home, we think yellow isn’t used often enough in interior design. When this bright, cheerful colour is paired with a neutral like grey, it transforms a room into a spring oasis – making what may have felt like a dull space initially, feel like a more cheerful room to relax in.

Pic credit: Carol H Wall

Adopting a yellow and grey colour scheme in a living room is a great approach for creating a calm but vibrant living space. To avoid using too much yellow and risk making the living room look ‘primary’, it’s all about getting the balance right with yellow and grey design, and in this blog post, we’re sharing tips to achieve the perfect grey-yellow look.

Getting the balance of yellow and grey right in your living room

There are many yellow hues you can choose from that will all create a different feel in your space; muted, softer yellows will bring a subtle, calmer look, whereas bright sunshine yellow will bring energy to the room. Regardless of what hue of yellow you opt to work with for your yellow and grey living room design, it’s important not to bring too much yellow and not enough grey to the design in order to avoid the space appearing small, closed and claustrophobic. Try using grey as your dominant colour like on the walls, on painted furniture or rugs, and reserving yellow for accent touches like cushions, window dressing and artwork. You’ll find this balance will let the colour sing in the room. If you’re brave, we offer custom colour shutters in any shade of the spectrum. Yellow shutters will bring a focal point and brighten the room.

Which yellow is the right yellow?

As with all colours of the spectrum, there are multiple tones of yellow that will create a different look depending on what your preference is. Bright and lemon yellows are ideal for a fresh, modern look and work exceptionally well with most greys. If you want to achieve a look which is a little more understated and sophisticated then mustard or a Hunyadi yellow are the ideal choices and the perfect accompaniment with darker greys. A mustard yellow and grey colour scheme is ideal for a more mature taste in decor, while bright yellow has a youthful vibrancy and great for young families. Then there are paler yellows which carry a vintage feel. Pale yellows work superbly well in a traditional setting accompanied by wooden floors and large sash windows. Exploring various interior design brochures, fabric samples and looking at photos of yellow and grey colour schemes will ensure that you select the right choice for your yellow and grey design mission.

Pic credit: Orchid Furniture

How to balance colours

As we shared, being the brightest colour on the visible spectrum, yellow instantaneously injects a sense of vibrancy and life into any room. However, due to its naturally spirited nature, yellow should be used with caution – especially if you opt for a bright yellow over, for example, a darker mustard shade. Grey works exceptionally well with all yellows but you need to ensure that the balance is right. As a rule of thumb, in a yellow and grey design, grey should be the dominant colour and the yellow should be used with caution to avoid the space appearing too garish. Aim for about 10 to 15 per cent of surface areas in the room to be yellow. This can include shutters, walls, ornaments and furnishings alike. This might not sound like a significant amount but yellow’s dominant presence doesn’t go unnoticed, even when used exceptionally sparingly.

If you’re looking to make a statement

Yellow is a powerful colour to make a statement with. Think yellow sofa, curtains, shutters or a yellow armchair and you’ll bring a lot of character to a room in one hit. If you want to decorate part of your room in a standout yellow like this then we recommend opting for a more understated, complimentary grey for the rest of the room. Or how about the other way around? Paint a feature wall in a glorious yellow, and accompany this with grey accessories and grey shutters to bring balance to the room.

Yellow shutters

Pic credit: Shutterly Fabulous

Inviting additional colours

When designing a room in yellow and grey, these two colours don’t have to be the exclusive shades you use in your room. Many colours compliment yellow and grey and can create a more subtle overall vibe. Shades of taupe work exceptionally well and add a sense of old-school sophistication. For a more contemporary feel, blues can add a vibrant touch. For a super modern feel, blues and pinks can be used in conjunction with yellow and grey for a pop art inspired look that exhibits a modern, fun and energetic character.

While working with yellow in interior design can seem like a frightful foray into the world of the unknown, by following these handy tips you too can achieve a stunning design that is sure to impress.

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Creating a baby’s room design that isn’t pink, blue or yellow

Baby room designs tend to be blue for boys, pink for girls, and yellow as the gender-neutral choice, but these options can be both restrictive and, dare we say it, overdone. If you’re keeping your baby’s gender a surprise until he or she arrives, or you don’t want to reveal the gender yet to family and friends, it is possible to create a gender neutral baby room that features other colours not the stereotypical blue, pink and yellow.

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Going for a gender-neutral baby room should not prevent you from creating a beautiful and well-designed space for your baby. Our gender-neutral baby room ideas are here to help you get inspired. Just because a room doesn’t state whether your baby is a boy or a girl, doesn’t mean it can’t still make a statement…

Go minimal

A great option when deciding on your baby room design is to go for minimal paint, flooring and window dressings. Choosing an off-white for the walls and a neutral colour such as beige for the carpet may not initially scream “kid-friendly.” But the minimal base actually allows you to decorate your kid’s bedroom in a variety of fun ways throughout the years. You can add exciting and personal touches through soft furnishings, wall art, rugs, wooden shutters, and accessories. The best part? As your child grows, it’ll be extremely easy to update their bedroom, as the base colours can stay the same.

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Choose primary colours

Another great option when it comes to baby room designs for unisex is to stick to primary colours. Primary shades of red, yellow, blue and green can look a little childish elsewhere in your home – but for a baby’s room, they’re perfect. Just make sure you balance out these somewhat garish tones with some softer, neutral areas to avoid the effect of the room becoming too intense.

Play with neutral tones

If you decide to go for a neutral baby room design, there are lots of ways to bring warmth and youth to the room. Playing with a few different neutral tones, such as taupes, creams, browns, beiges, and greys, can actually create a comforting and cosy effect. Including different textures and accents can also help elevate a less bright and vibrant room décor theme. To bring elements of colour, why not opt for muted coloured shutters, and blankets, soft toys and baby mobiles in soft pastels to complement the neutral scheme.

Pick an accent

If you’re giving a room a refresh for your baby’s arrival but you want to limit the need for repainting or DIY you can still introduce colour to a gender neutral baby room, in a way that doesn’t seem so overwhelming (or so focused on the gender binary). Yellow is somewhat of a cliché in terms of a gender neutral colour, but, in truth, there are many pops of colour which don’t necessarily suggest “girl” or “boy.” Greens, reds, purples, turquoises, gold or silver can all be implemented alongside your neutral colour scheme in order to make your baby’s room seem a bit more fun, but still classic and chic.

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Keep it natural

A great tip in terms of gender-neutral baby room ideas is to take some inspiration from nature. Using natural fabrics and materials can make a less brightly-coloured room more interesting to look at. It’ll also mean the room is visually stimulating for a baby but won’t look too immature as your child grows up.

Shine bright

White rooms have a reputation for looking a little bit clinical – but done right, white walls look clean, crisp and refreshing. A white base for a gender-neutral baby room also allows you to dress it up with homeware and accessories over time. Just make sure you have plenty of soft furnishings and a warm, adjustable light to make the room cosy for your baby.

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Utilise patterns

A great way to bring a fun, focal point to your baby’s room that avoids gender bias is by the clever use of patterns. You can select patterns which don’t lean too far either way in terms of gender but still add some interest and playfulness to your gender-neutral baby room. Patterns can be added primarily in soft-furnishings, such as rugs and curtains, but could also appear on an armchair or sofa, or even wallpaper. Again, these decorating touches can be changed out over time, to allow you to update the room without a pricey and time-consuming decorating process when your baby becomes a teen.

Make it interactive

As your baby grows, their bedroom will become a place to learn, play and discover. You can really lean into this when deciding on gender neutral baby room ideas. Consider making your baby’s bedroom more interactive, with a blackboard wall they can actually draw on, or movable games such as maps built into the walls. Not only will this mean you can keep your child’s room gender neutral, but it’ll mean they actually get a say in the decoration process too!

coloured shutters

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Make their windows sing

Keeping the walls neutral and opting for a fun window dressing will make a baby’s room sing. Solid shutters are great for blocking out light while your baby sleeps, bringing all the natural light through during the day as they play. Dress your solid shutters with polka dot transfers in a variety of colours available from craft stores, and you can remove these and retouch the shutter paint years later as they grow up.

Be inspired by vintage

A fun source of inspiration for your baby room design might even lie in an heirloom you have from years gone by. Choosing a vintage or retro theme for your gender-neutral baby room that suits the heirloom can lead to some truly stunning and meaningful bedroom design. Choosing high-quality retro furniture and a colour-scheme which doesn’t lean too hard on any one particular shade is key to getting this look right. You want it to look deliberate and curated.

Design a mural

If you do go for a more specific gender-neutral baby room idea, a mural is an excellent way to make their room design exciting. You can find a local artist to paint your mural of choice – or, if you’re feeling creative, have a go yourself. You can even order wallpaper with baby-friendly patterns and scenes printed on it. It tends to be a good idea to have just one wall as a mural and to keep the others light and neutral, in order to prevent the room feeling too busy or claustrophobic.

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