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Do you suffer from severe allergies? Or maybe you just get a little stuffy during the summer when the pollen count is high. Either way, pollen and dust allergies can be disruptive to daily life. While some discomfort is to be expected from walking in the countryside or, say, through a meadow, your home should be a refuge from such an inconvenience.

Of course, shop-bought anti-allergy medications can be used to counter many of the symptoms of hay fever. However, it really is a case of every little helps. After all, even a small improvement can make a big difference to quality of life. This is especially true of those times of the year when the pollen count is particularly high.

Many of us suffer from hay fever. In fact, the NHS estimates that more than 10 million people live with hay fever in England alone! Whether it’s the incessant sneezing, itchy mouth and throat, puffy eyes, or the other symptoms it can cause, it can be incredibly frustrating. Hence, an allergy-friendly window dressing can make a huge difference to your life in the summer months. Enter, plantation shutters

Are Plantation Shutters an Allergy Solution?

You may be wondering how shutters and allergies can be spoken of in the same breath. Well, as it turns out, shutters are a great way to mitigate against hay fever and other such allergies. During high pollen counts, it’s often necessary to keep the windows closed. However, during the warmer summer months, the slightest breeze of fresh air can be an absolute life saver. This is where shutters come in.

Plantation shutters have been increasing in popularity for the last couple of decades, and this shows no signs of stopping. After all, they boast a timeless look, and have lots of other benefits too (but more on those later).  The many advantages of shutters include the ability to repel allergens. As opposed to fabric curtains, their louvres can be angled with pinpoint precision to facilitate air flow.

One of these benefits is their ability to repel allergens. As opposed to fabric curtains, their louvres can be angled to facilitate air flow. This helps to prevent an overload of dust, pollen grains, and other allergens from entering your home. Furthermore, our plantation shutters are available in painted hardwood or waterproof polyvinyl. This makes them very easy to clean.

So, if you’re one of the many people who suffer from hay fever symptoms and allergies, you might be surprised to know that simply upgrading your window dressings to anti-allergy plantation shutters could help you feel happier and healthier.

Blue shutters with central tilt rods

What Are The Other Benefits of Shutters?

There are many benefits of having shutters that extend beyond their allergy repelling abilities. They are:

  • Help keep your energy bills down.
  • Can improve the value of your home
  • Offer second-to-none light management.
  • Are made bespoke to the exact measurements of your windows.
  • Have soundproofing qualities.
  • Give you added privacy.

If you have any questions about shutters and allergies, our friendly team is always on hand to help! Please call us on 0800 9700 800, email, or click “book appointment” at the top right of our website to arrange a free, on-site survey.


Energy costs have been rising steadily the last year or so, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing. The cost-of-living crisis coupled with the ongoing war in Ukraine have created the perfect storm for homeowners and renters alike. Unfortunately, one can’t simply wave a magic wand to bring down energy costs, but there are some things you can do to cut down on usage.

With that in mind, you might be looking for a few easy ways to save on your heating. One practical option is to insulate your windows. That’s because windows are a major source of heat loss in homes – responsible for up to 25 – 30% of lost heat, according to the US Department of Energy[2]

If you want to achieve greater energy efficiency, it’s vital to ensure your windows keep in the warmth. As luck would have it, window shutters are a fantastic option for doing just that.

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pink solid wood panel bedroom shutters

Do Shutters Keep Heat In?

Traditional window coverings such as shutters, curtains and blinds have always been used as a form of temperature control. In the summer they can keep a house cool, and in the winter they can keep a house warm. In particular, shutters provide a much thicker and more solid material barrier than curtain or blind fabrics, preventing warm air from escaping and cold draughts from entering. 

This might be common wisdom, but it’s also important to look at the research if we want to see just how effective shutters can be when it comes to keeping heat in.

How Effective Are Shutters At Keeping Heat In?

Historic England did some research into the thermal performance of windows. Within the study, they looked at how much heat was lost through the glass and the frame of a window, and tested some simple insulation methods to see how effective they were at preventing heat loss.

The test results showed that well-fitting shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by 58%[3].

Note: the shutters must be well-fitted! If the shutters aren’t installed to fit properly, then that can leave room for warm air to escape or for draughts to sweep in. Thankfully, our Shutterly Fabulous staff are here to measure, advise and install your custom shutters for that perfect fit.

How about shutters in combination with other insulation methods, such as secondary glazing? A study by Historic Environment Scotland into the energy efficiency of traditional buildings tested different combinations of window insulations.

They found that a combination of secondary glazing and shutters reduced heat loss through windows by 75%[4].

So whether it’s on their own or in combination with other insulation methods, we can safely say that well-fitted shutters can prevent over half of all heat lost through windows.

Which Shutters Are The Most Effective At Keeping Heat In?

Well-fitted shutters of any style or material are able to prevent heat loss. But if you’re really looking to keep out the cold, you’ll probably want to go for solid shutters. Why? Because solid panel wood shutters are good at trapping in the heat.

As the name suggests, these shutters have solid panels that are not louvered or slatted. They’re constructed from hardwood – specifically, Paulownia wood – a strong yet lightweight material which adds a thick layer of insulation to any window. This solidity also comes in handy for noise reduction and room darkening. 

For insulative purposes, you’ll also want to get complete window coverage with Full Height Shutters.

White Solid wood shutters in the nook

Can Shutters Save On Energy Costs?

If you’ve insulated your windows with well-fitted shutters, you’ll be retaining more heat. If you’re retaining more heat, you’ll be using less gas or electricity to heat your home, which means that you’re going to save on heating bills. Simple!

Your next question might be: how much can shutters save on energy costs? This will depend on a number of factors, but let’s look at an example. Please note that because energy prices are ever-changing in 2022, we have used an example from a couple of years ago.

The standard UK household uses gas for heating, which according to government statistics costs around £557 annually in 2020[5]. Over half of that figure goes towards keeping the room temperature up – about 60% of it, according to data supported by the National Energy Foundation[6] – which in our case would come out to around £334.

Remember that uninsulated windows can be responsible for 30% of your home’s lost heat. That means that our windows could be costing us 100s of pounds in lost heat every year! 

Of course, the exact amount you save will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Still, the bottom line is the same – you’ll be cutting down the cost of your heating bill if you install well-fitted window shutters. When you take into account ever-rising energy costs, you can think of shutters as a practical investment in addition to a stylistic one!

If you’d like to talk with our team about how shutters can help to insulate your home, feel free call us on 0800 970 0800 or send an email over to








When choosing shutters, many of our customers opt for neutral tones and natural wood. These colours can be selected from our standard colour options, and there’s no denying that they work beautifully, but occasionally someone rings up asking for something a bit different. And that makes our ears prick up!

When Sue Merry moved into her new-build home near Horsham, she decided to order colourful shutters from us – with a different colour for each window! Intrigued, we paid Sue a visit to see her shutters being installed.

Hi Sue, thanks for inviting us into your brand-new home for your shutter installation. They look amazing! You’ve opted for a lovely shade of pale teal for your patio window full height shutters. What made you choose this colour?

SUE: I was looking at some very bold colours initially. Before I retired, I was a primary school teacher and having been surrounded by loud designs over the years I naturally gravitate towards quite a bright look. But when I showed a friend my original choice, she said it was too childish!

So I toned it down a bit and thought, “Maybe I could match the colour to some of my existing furniture.” I have some lampshades with matching cushions that feature seagulls on a lovely teal background. They really complement my Egyptian Cotton walls so I thought the teal could work.

Shutters in Sussex by Shutterly Fabulous

Sue Merry with her pale teal full height shutters. Top right, her bedroom shutters in Green Verditer. 

It certainly does! You’ve really gone to town on colour, utilising our Custom Colour Matching service to make different choices for each window.

With the back bedroom red shutters I originally looked at a much gentler shade of pink, but in the end I went for a deeper shade called Leather, because I thought, “If I’m going to go for it, I might as well go all in!”

In the kitchen it was quite hard to find the yellow I was after, because some of them are very acidy and I quite fancied a kind of custard colour – which is very kitchen-appropriate!

For the front bedroom I have my favourite colour – which is Green Verditer (Little Greene) – but I couldn’t have it in the lounge because it didn’t go with the seagulls! I mean, if I was sensible, I’d choose one colour for the whole house. But why be sensible!?

I think choosing 4 different colours has been a reaction to my previous home, where bold red was very much a dominant colour throughout the whole house – and I really didn’t want to be confined to just one colour this time.

Coloiurful Sussex shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

A colour for each window. Sue’s bold choices pay off.

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We’re delighted you love your shutters. What made you choose Shutterly Fabulous?

What I liked about you guys first and foremost was your name, and when your consultant came round there was no hard sell involved whatsoever, which is an approach I prefer. I also like the fact that you don’t sell blinds, curtains or whatnot, you’re shutter specialists, so you really know what you’re doing.

I did see a local company, but they were very dismissive of colour, which didn’t go down well with me at all! They said I’d be much better off with something more neutral, but I really didn’t want my shutters to be the colour of milky tea.

Full height shutters in Sussex by Shutterly Fabulous

Sue with Marcin, her installer. The pale teal shutters perfectly complement her Egyptian Cotton walls. 

Now that the shutters are installed, how do you think they look and feel?

I think the shutters look amazing! You could see as they were being fitted that they were going to be great. I’m very pleased with the colours I chose and they all reflect their own room perfectly.

The yellow in the kitchen – Citron 74 by Farrow & Ball – gets the morning sun and fills the room with light if the sun is shining. If it’s a grey, miserable day, the sunny yellow is very cheerful to start the day with.

The deep pink in my bedroom makes it feel like a very personal and indulgent room, just mine, but the feel is still very modern and fun!

The turquoise green in the front bedroom is my favourite colour generally and they give the room a lovely calm, restful look. They also get the morning sun and look stunning.

The big pale blue/grey shutters at the back let in beautiful light and make the room very elegant. I can get lots of different diffused light coming in depending on the angle of the individual shutters.

I’m really glad I went for the split shutters which offer great variation, with the ability to change each room throughout the day.

I’d say the shutters really finish off the rooms properly; they’re so neat and carefully fitted and take up far less space than curtains.

Time lapse video of Sue’s living room shutters being installed.

What reaction have you had to them?

I’ve had a lot of friends waiting to see these ‘famous’ coloured shutters – they’ve been on the journey of listening to me decide on the different colours and why – and they’ve seen all my match pots and fabric swatches.

Right after installation, I had a ‘drop in for donuts’ day for everyone to come and see them. They were stunned and amazed by the effect and the difference the shutters made to each room. Everyone loved them all but were mostly taken by the big full length patio door shutters.

Obviously, they can be seen from outside and lots of the neighbours were very interested in what I’d done and there were a few ‘I wish I’d been braver’ comments from those with plain white shutters.

I’m so glad I went for the colours, they bring joy and make me smile, what more can you ask for?

Thanks for inviting us into your lovely home, Sue. Enjoy your shutters!

Fancy making a fabulous statement with your shutters? Our shutters are beautiful – we’re all for showing them off in juicy colours.

You can speak to one of our shutter experts to discuss ideas or book an appointment here.

Our guide to Brighton’s best interior shops

Whether you’re wandering down the bustling Lanes, or exploring further afield in genteel Hove, we’ve picked out our favourites for this must-visit guide to Brighton’s best home stores.

Brighton is great for independent shops and vintage finds, and whether it’s your home or you’re just there for a day trip there is a world of delightful interiors shops and boutiques to explore. Whether you’re wandering down the bustling Lanes, or exploring further afield in genteel Hove, we’ve picked out our favourites for this must-visit guide to Brighton’s best home stores.

Best for inspiration

The atmosphere and unique style of i gigi General Store makes it a wonderful place to visit for inspiration. Founders Alex Legendre & Zoe Ellison are masters of texture and display, perfecting a muted colour palette of simple ceramics, vintage furniture and quirky details. With both the shop and a café, there’s plenty to see in their Hove store, where little displays of one-off finds will give you plenty of food for thought.

i gigi General Store & Café, 31A Western Road, Hove BN3 1AF

Best for vintage

While the whole of Brighton is something of a Mecca for vintage homeware fans, we love Design Vintage owned by Lisa Brass. Her passion for interiors – and design background – is clear in the inventive mix of contemporary brands and cleverly-sourced vintage you’ll find in store. From leather club chairs to grand old kitchen cupboards, this is where to source the vintage essentials with confidence.

Design Vintage, 84 Lowther Road, Brighton BN1 6LH

Best for cutting-edge

Love to be first in line with the latest trends and products? Edited is Brighton’s perfect place to discover the latest hot interiors ideas and brands for the home, all carefully curated and intelligently – yes – edited. From super-hip Danish brand HAY to textiles by Mini Moderns, the emphasis is on fun, colour and innovation for a thoroughly contemporary home.

Edited, 3 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UP

Best for vintage Americana

Looking for mid-century collectables sourced directly from the United States? Then online Brighton based Dusted Decor is your answer. There’s an array of advertising signs, bottles, tins and all things American.

Dusted Decor Etsy

Best for French style

If you love the romantic French style of carved beds and gilt-edged mirrors then Three Angels is a must-visit. You’ll find zinc Bistro chairs, grand armoires and pretty vintage light fittings, perfect for creating the shabby-elegant French look, as well as a café and in-house florist. We challenge you to leave empty handed!

Three Angels Interiors, 5 Hove Street, Hove, BN3 2TR

Best for… shutters

Yes, as our home town, we love the Brighton shopping scene and are proud to be a part of it. Come and see us at our dedicated showroom in Hove where you can look at our large range in person and get expert advice from our team.

Shutterly Fabulous, Quayside House, Basin Road South, Hove BN41 1WF.

With autumn and winter drawing in, warm colours can be used to transform your home. Create amazing designs with our shutters.

With autumn slowly drawing in, now’s the time to start thinking of ways to incorporate warming tones into your home. Autumn styles are often characterised by leafy palettes and deep orange shades, with our rooms leaning towards a more traditional style. For those who hanker after all things cool and contemporary, it can be hard to create a warming and cosy setting in your living room, so getting details like colour and accessories right are vitally important.

The gorgeous new shade of Designer Shutters, ‘Opium Red’, gives this otherwise minimalist room some real depth and warmth, with the high gloss finish and extra-wide slats marrying well with the contemporary styling of the room. The deep red of the shutter works well within the existing colour scheme, with the whole tonal palette of the room remaining well on trend for A/W 13.

We’ve been battered and bullied by the horrible winter weather for months now, and finally the sun is beginning to peek out from behind the clouds – just in time for Spring.

We’ve been battered and bullied by the horrible winter weather for months now, and finally the sun is beginning to peek out from behind the clouds – just in time for Spring.

Therefore, it’s the perfect time of year to give your home that little lift it needs, and incorporate some exciting flashes of Spring colour to update tired and deflated spaces.

Bright pops of colour in fresh and uplifting hues will enliven any sort of space, and are the perfect way to add colour and interest to white or grey spaces, creating a unique contemporary look in any room. Vivid Spring shades will also continue to look great well into the Summer months, helping to illuminate the sunshine and light that will fill your home.

To bring this colour trend into your home, look out for stimulating shades like greens and yellows and use Shutterly Fabulous’ colour matching service to combine them with your shutters. These are the perfect shades for spring, evoking the vibrancy of the outdoors and providing your home with a chic contemporary scheme that’s right on trend this March.

With Easter merely weeks away, why not take some inspiration from the season and decorate your home with spring-like shades and pretty pastels?

A celebration of new life and rebirth, Easter is the perfect time of year to incorporate delicate spring tones into your home. Take your cues from the blossoms that will be adorning trees across the country – delicate pinks are abundant in nature, so think about using them in your home if you want to create a comforting and feminine feel in your home.

Aside from dusky pastel tones, other colours to go for include greens of all descriptions, as well as yellows, creams and blues. Anything that evokes a ‘fresh’ feeling, or mirrors the colours and hues you see outside during this time of year will work really well.

The best thing about shades and tones such as these, is that even though they’re perfect for this time of year, they’re versatile enough to look on-trend throughout the year – being the perfect balance between the more muted tones of winter and the brights of summer.

Think about choosing louvered style shutters too – with the clocks going forward and the days getting lighter and brighter, it’s good to let in as much light as possible after all the darkness of winter! Louvered shutters will allow you to control the amount of light you let in, as well as enabling you to show off the gorgeous colours on your shutter.

With the World Cup just around the corner, we’re getting into the ‘carnaval’ spirit by looking at some of the vibrant Brazilian shades that will make your home feel like it’s been transplanted into the middle of trendy Rio Di Janiero.

With the World Cup just around the corner, we’re getting into the ‘carnaval’ spirit by looking at some of the vibrant Brazilian shades that will make your home feel like it’s been transplanted into the middle of trendy Rio Di Janiero.

The key style to look out for this month are vivid bright shades that will bring a splash of colour and excitement to your room – really evoking the Brazilian ‘partido’ spirit. Of course, these will work best and deliver the greatest impact in a clean, contemporary space, painted in a neutral palette that will let the colour really pop – for example, think about using hot pinks and bright blues on your shutters, and complementing these with flashes of contrasting colour in the rest of your space. Think about accessories that have that ‘Latin’ flavour, and look for distressed details too – evoking the beachside Copacabana feel.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a truly Brazilian-inspired scheme if we didn’t include the national colours – yellow and green. These colourful and uplifting shades work particularly well in the kitchen, and are great for creating a high impact statement in a room as well as maximising the amount of light – perfect for creating the ideal atmosphere in which to kick back with a colour co-ordinating Caipirinha, and saying ‘Saúde!’ to some well-deserved World Cup success.

With heatwaves now predicted for the coming months, the long-overdue Great British Summer has finally arrived.

With heatwaves now predicted for the coming months, the long-overdue Great British Summer has finally arrived.

Down here in Brighton the coast is an everyday part of our lives, and we can’t imagine going through a hot and busy summer’s day without a quick stroll along the shoreline. However, if your nearest bit of the coast is perhaps a little further than our ten-minute walk, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best of the beachside this summer.

Year-on-year we’re seeing more and more of our customers embrace the Coastal trend in their homes during the summer. Characterised by the soft blues and crisp whites of the seashore, it’s the perfect theme for your home during this time of year, and is surprisingly easy to achieve.

Look out for rustic and worn accessories, glass bottles, jute rugs and driftwood finishes – such as those you can see in the room above. Of course, adding shutters in either a natural wood or pastel blue finish really sets the look apart. Also consider our colour-matching service which can help you find the exact nautical shade you are after to evoke that pretty British beachside look that none of us can get enough of.

If you want shutters in your home before Christmas, then our cut-off is soon approaching. Make sure you order before October the 20th to avoid disappointment!

While we know that people step back in horror at the high street shops putting up decorations in September and those Christmas promotions popping up from mid-July, the world of shutters needs to approach the subject slightly earlier on for a good reason! As always, our lead time in approximately 9 weeks (one of the fastest in the UK!) This means that if you require shutters in your home before Christmas day – then you need to get your orders in before Monday October the 20th.

Picture the scene; tree is up, littered with well wrapped presents underneath and sparking trinkets hung from the branches. The fire is lit and filling the room with that natural fire heat, synonymous with Christmas. The TV on quietly in the corner playing Christmas songs. However, most importantly, your brand new Shutterly Fabulous shutters tilted just right to let the light into the room keeping a perfect mellow atmosphere. I can almost taste the mince pies thinking about it!

So if you want to get in your shutters on time for a Shutterly Fabulous Christmas – make sure you contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange a consultation. Get in touch fast, as we’re about to hit the busiest time of the year.

We price beat all UK Shutter Companies including: Hillary's & Thomas Sanderson.